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Jaylen Brown MVP award has deep meaning for kids helped by his foundation, 7uice

NBA Finals MVP Jaylen Brown known for impact off the court
NBA Finals MVP Jaylen Brown known for impact off the court 01:57

BOSTON - Jaylen Brown was awarded the Bill Russell Finals Most Valuable Player award after the Celtics NBA championship win on Monday night. 

Brown had a 21 point performance in Game 5 against the Dallas Mavericks, but some say the MVP award has deeper meaning for some people off the court.

Brown's vision for young people

One of those people is Jodanny Fleurival, a rising senior at the O'Bryant School in Roxbury. Last summer, Fleurival came face to face with MIT scientists and the Celtics guard.

"We learned about space. We learned about what they do out there in space. We also took space trivia. We also did a little bit of yoga," Fleurival said, "He's really a normal dude."

Fleurival was involved in the Bridge Program, connecting Black and brown students with career opportunities through Jaylen Brown's Foundation called 7uice.

Amanda Kuffoh, the Executive Director of 7uice, says Jaylen's vision starts with young people but goes even further.

"We're about addressing some of the systemic issues that have occurred in the past," Kuffoh said.

After signing his contract extension last year, Brown said he hopes to launch a "Black Wall Street."

"We're ready to talk about it and one of the things we want to address is the economic disparities in Black and Brown businesses," Kuffoh said.

MVP win important for community

When Jaylen held the trophy, Monday night, Kuffoh says it was more than a career high. It was a symbol for the community he is a part of.

"It speaks to exactly what Jaylen has been preaching from the get. 'I'm more than just an athlete. I'm a social justice advocate. I'm a community member. I'm a leader. I'm a hooper and I'm great at it. I'm smart and I like learning and you can be all those things,'" she said.

The impact of 7uice is growing. The Bridge program is set to expand from a five-day program to a year-round program. Kuffoh says Brown gets a few weeks off before it is back to the mission. 

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