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Food Truck Friday: Uncle Joey's Cannoli

Food Truck Friday: Uncle Joey's Cannoli
Food Truck Friday: Uncle Joey's Cannoli 02:31

CHELSEA -- Joe Sidelinger enjoys the Cannoli food truck life.

"The biggest thing is, first off, you can't say cannoli without a smile," Sidelinger said. "It's an easy product to sell. I have a quality product from Golden Cannoli in Chelsea, and it's fantastic."

Like most food truck owners, Joe took a chance. He loved his job at Golden Cannoli in Chelsea, but he wanted more.

"So, I started out with a van, and we would do some craft shows here and there. It was just to make a little extra beer money and have fun, and it kind of grew on me."

Joe went all in. He worked corporate events, weddings, private parties...holy cannoli, anything you wanted him to do, he was going to do!

"We are committed to the cannoli, for sure, and it's just amazing. We do different flavors and stuff, and it enhances people to try different things. I have to be honest with you, really the coolest part was just getting people that maybe not have had cannoli or experienced it."

Joe has even started Cannoli for a Cause, a fundraiser to make sure organizations get some of the help they need by using his cannoli as the vehicle, with half the proceeds going to their charity of choice.

"We have a special cause with the MVU program in Nashoba Valley for special needs for baseball and basketball, but many charities have asked us, and the first thing we do is to just out and help in any way we can," Joe said.

Going the way of a food truck was a path Joe never expected, but he's thankful it's all worked out this way.

"I never saw this in my future, but I have to tell you, if I had to write it out, it's gone perfectly. People have been fantastic with me."

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