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Food Truck Friday: Decanted Wine Truck

Food Truck Friday: Decanted Wine Truck
Food Truck Friday: Decanted Wine Truck 02:36

HUDSON -- The pandemic put an end to a lot of businesses and many people had to shift gears and try something new. That includes entrepreneur Julia Walderzak of the Decanted Wine Truck

She started a fitness company over a decade ago but it closed due to coronavirus. Luckily, she had another idea. 

"I wanted to do something mobile and my husband wanted me to sit still for a little bit and I was like no, that's not happening. And I had this crazy idea for a wine truck, and we can bring the party to the people," said Walderzak. 

A couple of revamped campers later and business is booming. Pour a glass for the Decanted Wine Truck -- and that experience has a huge hit. From micro weddings to private events to just a party with some friends, when the Decanted Wine Truck shows up no one wants it to leave. 

"Most of the time when we are leaving events, we have people coming up and hugging us in tears and saying, 'we haven't been able to do this, we haven't been able to gather safely with our friends,' or that we have moms chasing the wine truck going, 'no, don't go, please stay!'"

Don't be surprised if Julia and her group inspire another woman-owned business in the family.

"My six-year-old said to me, 'mommy I want to open and milk and cookies truck.' And I was like you know what? You can do it. She can do it, she's six!" said Walderzak.

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