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Food Truck Friday: Cupcake City stands out in many ways

Food Truck Friday: Cupcake City stands out in many ways
Food Truck Friday: Cupcake City stands out in many ways 02:41

READING - Karin DiNapoli is a full-time mom who is also the owner of a booming business - Cupcake City.

There's a good chance you've seen her bright pink cupcake truck rolling around the area and many believe her cupcakes are, hands down, the best.

Sometimes, the best ideas require a little liquid courage.

"My business plan was conceived over 3 martinis at a local martini bar and I'm serious. That's the way it went," DiNapoli told WBZ-TV.

She said baking was her calling.

"My mother was a great baker. I baked for my children and then I started baking for my children's friends and neighbors," she said.

So she decided to go for it and in 2011 she opened Cupcake City in Reading. Business boomed. A year later, she added the bright pink truck.

"As a small business, you know, you don't spend a lot of money on advertising. So, I wanted big, bright and obnoxious and there you go. Pink was the perfect color," she told WBZ.

DiNapoli is not shy in telling you why her cupcakes are so good. She keeps it fresh.

"We have a hell of a product so I am 100-percent confident in that. We use butter and eggs and nothing comes out of a vat or bag or a box. We bake in small batches and we bake, every single day," she said.

So if you see her bright pink truck out and about now, it's carrying cupcakes and someone who can't wait for you to try them.

"The day we opened, so many familiar faces came out and being very embedded in the community like growing up here and they play sports, we took off right from the get go. I had my third grade teacher come in and buy cupcakes, so it was pretty cool," she said.

For more information, visit their website.

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