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Driver in expensive stolen car hits more than a dozen vehicles during wild ride in Boston

Boston police seek driver who hit more than a dozen parked cars during wild joy ride
Boston police seek driver who hit more than a dozen parked cars during wild joy ride 01:41

DORCHESTER - Boston Police are looking for the driver of a stolen car who hit and damaged more than a dozen vehicles Monday afternoon.

Dennis Harrington told WBZ-TV someone used a screwdriver to steal his prized 1987 Buick Grand National while he was at work, leading to the chaotic scene.

The unidentified thief then went on a wild joy ride, hitting 15-to-20 cars in Dorchester. It was later found abandoned on Leslie Street. The thief ran away.

Neighbor Damal Ray said he came outside after hearing a loud crash. 

"He was coming down Ponzi Street and almost hit a couple of kids, and then swerved off," Ray said. 

"Wrecked my life"

Harrington said he had put about $150,000 into his car. 

"He literally just wrecked my life by joyriding the car for no reason. It just makes me sick," he told WBZ. "I was sick to my stomach because there's no way I'm ever going to replace that. Insurance is never going to cover it. I'm sick to my stomach."

Stolen Buick Dorchester
Police are searching for the person who stole this 1987 Buick Grand National and crashed into more than a dozen cars in Dorchester, June 10, 2024.  CBS Boston

Harrington had an AirTag tracker on the car and was able tell police officers where it was going.

It headed to Centre Street where the driver smashed into the cars, including Luan Dai's Lexus sedan. 

"I hope he gets caught"

The front end was ripped off of Dai's car on impact.   

"I was working today and then my mother called and said that my car had gotten hit. I was shocked," Dai said. "I just feel sad for everybody in the situation. I hope he gets caught soon."

Dai had only purchased his car four months ago.

Harrington had been saving up for his vintage car for three years and planned to pass it down to his son. 

The suspect is still on the run and the investigation remains ongoing, according to police.  

"I hope he gets what's coming to him," Harrington said about whoever was responsible for the damage.

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