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Dinosaur Tracks Vandalized In Holyoke; 2 Men Charged With Archaeological Violations

HOLYOKE (CBS) -- Two men are facing charges after police said they caught them "carrying tools and slabs of rock" at the Dinosaur Footprints attraction in Holyoke. Stephan Miller, of Connecticut, and Jack Boyland, of New Jersey, face charges including archaeological violations, vandalism and trespassing.

Police responded on Saturday afternoon to the trail off Route 5, where prehistoric tracks can be found in sandstone, and encountered the two men.

"Boyland and Miller stated they believed they were not digging on the Dinosaur Reservation area," police said. "A check of the Reservation map was made and it appears their digging was on the protected land."

miller boyland
Stephan Miller and Jack Boyland (Photo credit: Holyoke police)

Police said they have obtained video and continue to investigate. Anyone with information is asked to contact Holyoke police.

According to the Trustees of Reservations, dinosaur footprints were first discovered in the region in 1802.

"Paleontologists believe the prints were left by some of the earliest known dinosaurs, from small plant-eaters to large meat-eaters up to 20 feet long," the Trustees say.


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