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Norwood Group Makes Masks For Doctors, Nurses During Coronavirus Pandemic

NORWOOD (CBS) - Susan Clare shows off a handful of newly sewn masks that will soon be delivered to a local hospital. She has a feeling a whole lot more will follow.

"Emails started pouring in. There were so many eventually; By now we've got over 150 volunteers," Clare said.

Alone in their homes, the Making Masks in Norwood group is working together doing anything they can to support doctors and nurses caring for potential coronavirus patients. Volunteers of all skill levels are using their time and talents to meet the need and even teaching a valuable lesson to younger eyes watching.

"I think it's an important trait in life to have that empathy. Step up and help everybody and be part of a team. It makes me so proud," said volunteer Patty Laham.

Homemade mask
Susan Clare holds a homemade medical mask (WBZ-TV)

It's unclear how much protection the homemade masks provide, and they should be used with a face shield whenever possible. But for healthcare workers who are on the front lines, a homemade mask is better than nothing.

"If we do all this work and even one person who might've been exposed and gotten sick and died otherwise wasn't because of it... one person is worth a whole town working. We're willing to save one if we can," Clare said.

The tremendous response, and outpouring of skills and supplies, keeps these volunteers teaching, organizing, and delivering.

"It reinforces what I've always felt. Basically most people are really good. Sometimes they're quieter than the ones who are mean. But they're very good," Clare added.

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