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Boston Police Sergeant Suspended For Statements On Body Camera During George Floyd Protests

BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston Police officer has been suspended 10 days following an internal investigation related to the officer's actions during the George Floyd protests last year.

On the night riots broke out in Boston, Sgt. Clifton McHale was caught on body camera allegedly bragging about hitting protesters with his vehicle.

Investigators said McHale did not actually strike anyone with his vehicle, but called his statements on camera "unbecoming of a police officer."

Sergeant Detective John Boyle, a Boston Police Department spokesman, said the investigation consisted of video evidence and multiple witness interviews.

McHale will serve eight days of the suspension with two days being held for six months.

The internal investigation was launched after an attorney representing some of the protesters arrested during the riots on May 31, 2020 requested the video.

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