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WEATHER BLOG: Calm Thursday

The weather will be pleasant for the next couple of days, with several places in the East getting a much needed opportunity to dry out.

As that torrential rain exits the U.S. via coastal Maine, it is now paving the way for a ridge of high pressure to begin spreading out across the Eastern region.

We should mention, however, that there is one modest "fly in the ointment"  Thursday -- a secondary, weak cool front is showing up on most of the models. And, while there shouldn't be very much moisture for this boundary to work with, we still feel it is necessary to cover for a brief shower or sprinkle.

Most interior sections would most likely see this between 3 and 6 p.m. before coastal communities encounter it a little later on. So, what should be a decent day featuring plenty of sunshine early will probably end on a cloudier note with a stray shower here and there.

Most temperatures will wind up around 80, and Thursday night will turn out partly cloudy and quite cool.

Friday looks spectacular, with a good deal of sunshine and temperatures mostly in the upper 70s.

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