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Gary Creek, Alleged Founder Of The 'Triple-C' Gang, Dead In Georgia After 3-Hour Barricade

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Gary Creek, the alleged founder of the "Triple-C" gang has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a 3-hour standoff with police in Georgia.

"It was very stressful. I was scared, turned on the news. I came back outside and heard more gunshots,"  Alyssa Musser, neighbor.

All of it was connected to the alleged founder and leader of a Baltimore gang.  U.S. Marshalls said they tracked down the 39-year-old to an apartment in Sandy Springs, just north of Atlanta.

While serving a federal arrest warrant, officials said Creek started firing at officers before barricading himself inside the apartment with 3 hostages.

"That was scary," said Musser.

After 3 hours, members of the SWAT team made their way inside and found Creek dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. Police said no one else was hurt during the incident.

Creek fled Baltimore last week. He was one of 15 alleged members of the "Cruddy Conniving Crutballs" indicted for a slew of crimes connected to a drug-dealing operation in east Baltimore.

Prosecutors said the list of charges includes 18 murders and 27 attempted murders. "This business was built on violence, murders, and shootings of
rival gang members and drug dealers, a contract killing in exchange for money," said acting U.S. Attorney Jonathan F. Lenzer.

Yesterday, ATF Baltimore announced that we're offering a $10,000 reward for any information that led to an arrest of Creek. He was supposed to self-surrender on June 3.

Investigators said the gang was created as an alternative to the Black Guerilla Family. They used social media to enhance their identity and locate and target victims who were believed to be cooperating with police.

He was believed to be the founder of the Triple-C gang and was facing a number of charges related to a drug distribution and racketeering conspiracy in East Baltimore. Officials said some of his accomplices are connected to at least 18 murders and 27 attempted murders.

As for the other 14 people wrapped up in that indictment, they are all in custody.


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