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Zinno: "Here we go again, NFL."

Out of the frying pan, into the fryer. That old expression describes what the NFL is staring at right now. Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has a "situation" brewing where he allegedly assaulted a woman in a Walmart parking lot by dragging her by her hair. The NFL is still recovering from the Ray Rice debacle, that while in the rear view mirror, still hangs over the league and any domestic violence issue.

Since this happened in a Walmart parking lot, there is a video that exists. Much like the casino in the Ray Rice case, a video exists. The NFL admitted that they did not do enough last time to get their hands on the video of Rice hitting his then fiancée. How far will the NFL go this time? No charges have been filed in the case, so it's not like they have a chance to work with local police. Walmart is a private company, so it's not like they can force the company to give it to them. But how far do they have go to get their hands on the tape? Should they pay for it, like TMZ would?  Can the NFL suspend Bryant based off of a police report where no one was arrested? It's yet another tempest the NFL has to deal with and they have to get it right this time.  There is no room for error.

Can you imagine the backlash if another media source gets access to the tape before the league does again?  After the fallout of the Ray Rice situation publicly and nationally, the league cannot afford to have another player who physically abuses women taking the field on Sundays like it didn't happen. This will continue to be Roger Goodell's cross to bear. And if it goes bad again, it could cost him his job.

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