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Slice Of Life: Your Go To Karaoke Song

John and Arch talk drinks and tunes with their favorite Karaoke song, that is, if they have the drinks to sing it.

While at SEC Media Days, its a tradition to spend the last night at a local bar singing karaoke. We have audio of Carl, Mike, AT, John and engineer Eric Davis all singing. Carl stuck with Prince, Mike did some Johnny Cash. AT and Eric sang Summertime and John Michaels tried his best Sir Mix Alot. We previewed the songs and took a vote as to who did the best.

Arch admitted he never sings, but if he had to, some Jimmy Buffet would be his jam. Mark sticks with the easy Sweet Home Alabama and Paul, well, Paul doesnt drink enough to sing.

Click below to hear that plus more with today's Slice of Life


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