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'You could be a special agent': FBI Tampa is Hiring

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - You could be the next local FBI agent right here in Tampa Bay. FBI Tampa is celebrating National Forensic Science Week by highlighting their different careers and programs available. Application windows are now open for a hiring initiative that could include you.

"A lot of people think, 'Oh the FBI, it's strictly related to criminal law enforcement background' and that's simply not the case," said FBI Special Agent and Recruiter Melissa Fair. "We hire normal people, people that are motivated, creative. You could be a special agent."

In a one on one interview with CW44 News, Special Agent Fair said the FBI team in Tampa is looking for more people to join their workforce.

"We're always trying to evolve to the current threats, right, so the emerging threat that we have today is the rapid innovation of technology," said Special Agent Fair. With a constant threat to our national infrastructure and sophisticated cyber criminals, she and the team of Tampa FBI special agents are looking to combat them by hiring the good people.

"Good people that are good at what they do," she said. "Recent grads or those that have been in the career a while and have not thought maybe about working for the federal government, namely the FBI."

Two initial hiring programs are now open for high school and college students, but not for long.

"We see science, technology, engineering and mathematics," she said. But that's not all they're looking for."Chemists or biologists or forensic scientist or computer scientist. We're looking for students that have the backgrounds to fill our entry level positions within the FBI." And if you're thinking you'll be on constant coffee runs, think again.

"You're assigned to a field office or headquarters division for ten weeks," said Special Agent Fair. "They'll actually work side-by-side with special agents, with scientists, in the laboratory, with analysts, with investigators. They're not getting coffee, they're not making copies, not picking up dry cleaning. We don't have time for that. These interns are seeing what happens inside and outside the FBI, firsthand."

The Honors Internship Program window closes October 17th. The full-time, entry-level Collegiate Hiring Initiative is accepting applications from grads and post-grads until September 30th.

Click here for more information on those programs.

To contact the recruitment office for questions or to submit information, email

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