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Slice of Life: Worst. Date. Ever.

Rick and John act they can play the game, but that included some really bad dates in today's Slice of Life.

Yesterday our underboss Sean was victim of a live Dating Game. He found the one! Was it the one forever, or the one for now? Regardless, this got us thinking about our worst first date or just our worst date ever. John was out on a date and she made the decision to do about 5 lines of coke on his table. That did not lead to a good first date or another date. Ox was out all over the place and found a lady who whose personal hygiene was not on par. He could easily look past some of it, but not there was too much stubble.

MO tells a story about meeting a girl on My Space, they went out but didnt say one word the entire date. He is still to this day perplexed as to what  happened. Paul has nothing because he's been married for 68 years. FYI things get ugly because they have to dump Rick so this episode gets a little NSFW!

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