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Where To Buy Face Masks Online After CDC Updates COVID Delta Variant Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended that fully vaccinated Americans in parts of the country with "substantial or high transmission" of COVID-19 should return to wearing face masks indoors, and in some places such as Los Angeles, wearing masks indoors is again mandatory. The CDC also stated that masks should be required of everyone inside K-12 schools, and cited new data on the highly contagious Delta variant for both of these new guidelines. These updates mean that for many, now is the time to have more protective face masks on hand.

The CDC recommends investing in face masks that have multiple layers of material. For extra protection, a disposable mask underneath a cloth mask is recommended.

Unlike at the beginning of the pandemic, there are plenty of mask options available for purchase online for adults and children alike from AmazonNordstromHome Depot and more, including N95s. And many are available at big discounts. Consider both the disposable and cloth face masks below for the whole family.

Evolvetogether Milan black face masks (7 pack)

Evolvetogether mask Evolvetogether

Makeup stains are a problem of the past with these disposable, unisex face masks from Evolvetogether. Celebrities from Ariana Grande to Hailey Bieber have been spotted wearing them and the brand offers options for children as well. These face masks, with an adjustable nose bridge, have a water-resistant exterior, meltblown filter and moisture-absorbing interior, plus are hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Evolvetogether Milan black face masks (7 pack), $8.97

Under Armour Sportsmask

UA Sportsmask Under Armour

Currently 50% off at Amazon, the moldable, washable Under Armour Sportsmask (available in multiple sizes) offers breathing room between your mouth and the mask surface, so you're not constantly inhaling mask fabric while trying to exercise.

Under Armour Sportsmask (Medium/Large), $15

Lululemon ear loop face mask (3 pack)

Lululemon face masks Lululemon

These sweat-wicking masks from Lululemon, available in nine colorways, are a comfortable-to-wear choice for working out. But don't just leave it in the gym bag -- this washable mask with adjustable ear loops is also stylish enough to be worn while going out.

Lululemon ear loop face mask (3 pack), $38

Allbirds TrinoXO face mask (3 pack)

Photo Credit: Thinkstock
Photo Credit: Thinkstock

These three-layer face masks from Allbirds come in a bunch of color options and have adjustable ear straps. They're moisture-wicking and made from upcycled materials.

Allbirds TrinoXO face mask (3 pack), $25

N95 disposable multi-purpose respiratory mask (25 pack)

Home Depot N95 mask Home Depot

Home Depot has several N95 options, including this 25-pack of N95 face masks. This is your most protective option. Be sure to shop for N95s from trusted retailers only; there are tons of counterfeit versions for sale online.

N95 disposable multi-purpose respiratory mask (25 pack), $42

Herschel classic fitted face mask

Herschel face mask Herschel

These Herschel masks, available in eight colors and prints, currently have a buy one, get one free discount. They're made with three layers and have a sleeve that fits an air filter. They have an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops. They also come with a connection lock that you can wrap around your head and attach to both loops to ease the pressure of the loops on your ears.

Herschel classic fitted face mask, $15

Abercrombie Kids mask and scrunchie set

Drinking coffee may give you that extra boost, but it can also disrupt the body's internal clock while trying to sleep, according to a new study. (FILE PHOTO. Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

This tie-dye kids' face mask with a smiley face from Abercrombie Kids comes with a matching scrunchie.

Abercrombie Kids mask and scrunchie set, $13

Gap Factory kids unisex face masks (3 pack)

Gap Factory kids unisex face masks Gap Factory

These printed triple-layer face masks from Gap Factory have an adjustable nose piece. These cotton face masks come in two print options.

Gap Factory kids unisex face masks (3 pack), $15

Oakley MSK3 anti-fog face mask

Oakley MSK3 anti-fog face mask Oakley

If you struggle with your glasses or sunglasses fogging up when you wear a face mask, try this Oakley anti-fog face mask, which promises to solve this issue. It fits snugly on the face and has adjustable straps. It has an aluminum nose bridge that allows for easy adjustments around your glasses, and a semi-rigid mask body that promises to keep the mask slightly off your face for improved breathability. It also has a no-slip design for athletic endeavors.

Oakley MSK3 anti-fog face mask, $51

Nordstrom assorted adult face masks (4 pack)

Nordstrom assorted adult face masks Nordstrom

These cotton, linen and spandex double-layer masks are 60% off at Nordstrom. They have a built-in filter pocket and their ear loops are adjustable. They come with a handy carrying bag for when they're not being worn.

Nordstrom assorted adult face masks (4 pack), $10

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