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Rick and Randy Macs Hate Week Wednesday 5 at 10

Rick and Randy Mac (in for John) are back with a pre-feast 5 at 10

They kick the show off talking about Thanksgiving and whats appropriate for cooking, one or two turkeys. Randy has 2. One deep fried and one on the Big Green Egg. Rick thinks that's too much. Mark thinks deep fried turkeys are perfect. Pauls job is to stay out of the way. To sports and its about the prep for Arizona. Falcons coming off the bye week and they added a kicker to the roster.

To the NCAA and the playoff rankings. They don't agree and even make a "juice box" bet on this weekends outcome. Plus, UGA added a familiar face to the coaching staff. To the NBA and the Hawks got beat, more NBA news and finally, from the MLB and could a lockout be on the way?

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