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Wear Leopard Print for Holidays: Do or Don't?

Prints are always an exciting way to spice up ensembles. With each season, I tend to pick one print and use it only with trendy get-ups calling my name. Call me crazy but I just can't handle too many different prints in my closet. One and done, please.

Moody floral prints have claimed this year's holiday spot but another print stopped me in my tracks this week.

Below, a handful of fashionistas have recently showed up (via Insta) with leopard print additions and it's making me rethink my entire print choice this Fall/Winter. Should I switch? Would you switch? Take a peak below:

From trendy sweater to leopard print skirt...


From a casual tee to faux fur leopard print coat...


From neutral poncho to leopard print clutch...


Are you adding a little leopard to your look this Fall?

Weigh in below!

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