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Watch The Greatest Moments In Sports This Year In 4 Mins

By Rob Hamilton / 92-9 The Game / CBS Atlanta

We've all watched it here several times, and we're pretty sure that they are mostly all included.

Ok, let's be honest... we've had it on loop for hours trying to name all of the plays.

We're sports geeks like that.

Of course, Auburn has both miracle plays in here so we know you Auburn fans might very well put this video on repeat.

The video opens with the mother of all college football plays from this year (which was also recently named the College Football Play Of The Year For 2013) Auburn's runback to win the Iron Bowl.

Auburn fans can jump ahead to 1:35 for their other miracle play, "the catch" against Georgia. Officially dubbed "The Miracle At Jordan-Hare".

Alabama fans, you're gonna wanna glaze over those parts.

It's also a very well rounded video compilation. It includes the aforementioned college football, NBA, college basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf and I'm sure I'm skipping over one or two.

Some of these you might want to even see two or three times, they are that good.

There's really amazing assist and dunk / alley-oop from the Clipper's Jamal Crawford to Blake Griffin that you MUST SEE at 1:39 in the video.

From Auburn's "Kick Six" play to win the Iron Bowl, to a series of seriously impressive NBA dunks, to some amazing one handed catches in both NCAA and NFL football games, to some of the craziest hockey shots on goal you've ever seen... this has been on amazing year in sports!

Watch it, re-watch it, like it, share it and pass this link around... THIS is THE year in sports recap video of the year!

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