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WAOK Wants To Know: Should George Zimmerman Be Arrested For The Killing Of Trayvon Martin?

Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques White and Sisters In Law  we played the 911 calls which detailed the events that took place moments before the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Calls made to police show that a black teenager was terrified as he tried to get away from the white neighborhood watch volunteer who shot him, and that the volunteer was not defending himself as he has claimed according to the teen's family on Saturday.

Sanford police released eight 911 calls late Friday.

In the first 911 call before Trayvon Martin (black teen) was killed, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman (hispanic man above) can be heard pursuing the unarmed youngster on foot as he runs away.

"These ASSHOLES. They always get away," Zimmerman said on a 911 call.

Moments later the police are bombarded with calls from terrified neighbors asking them to send police as a voice in the background can be heard screaming for help before the sound of two gun shots.

When police arrived at Florida's Retreat at Twin Lakes Townhomes they found Trayvon, who had been returning from a store with candy for his younger brother, had been shot dead by 28-year-old Zimmerman.

Martin's parents are now calling on the FBI to take over the investigation, saying they no longer trusted the Sanford police department.

Listen to the 911 calls below.

911 Call Part 1:


911 Call Part 2:


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