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'Unprecedented' — Entire City Council Ordered To Show Up In Court

SOUTH FULTON, GA — In what is brewing to be perhaps an unprecedented legal case, the entire council of a new metro Atlanta city has been ordered to appear in court on Thursday. The case involves the city of South Fulton, formed just over two years ago in southern metro Atlanta. A Fulton County Superior Court judge has ordered the council to appear in court on July 11 in a dispute revolving around former South Fulton's Chief Magistrate Judge Tiffany Sellars.

According to court records, Sellars was fired from her position and subsequently filed an appeal in Fulton Superior Court. The city has since been ordered to turn over documents relating to Sellars' dismissal, but has failed to do so. Now, Judge Rachel Kruase has ordered all seven council members to show up at 4 pm and explain why the city hasn't complied.

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