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UGA Fans, You're Cursing but not Cursed

This feeling is familiar.  Your team gave up a sizable lead to a formidable team only to lose it at the end.  Victory always seems to get snatched from you from the jaws of defeat.  You experience the ultimate high of highs during the early parts of the game only to be the lowest of the low when you view the final scoreboard.

Trust me, I have been there right along with you.

Today, I sympathize with you University of Georgia Bulldog football fans.

After the loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide on Monday night, you feel snake bitten because this was the greatest chance the team has had to win the national championship since 1980.

I sympathize all too well with you because I am an Atlanta Falcons fan!

Yes, I am an Atlanta Falcons Fan.  I am part of the group that was there cheering on my team as we built a 28-3 lead only to lose in overtime.  Yes, I am a fan of the team who is the butt of many jokes, memes, and labels describing our epic collapse.  Yes, I am a fan of the team that the national media uses as an example when portraying a team choking.

And yes, I am still proud of it.

It has been hard this past year and yes UGA fans, it will be a difficult road ahead as you anticipate next football season.  My advice to you is to stay the course and stand strong with your team.  I know you are cursing, but trust that you are not cursed.

Social media has a great way of informing but also has a profound way of accelerating frustration for the process of any faction.  Social media also has the effect of letting a great deal of "experts" be heard, regardless of whether it is educated or not.

I always love the opportunity to hear peoples' theories on sports, especially on wins and losses.  It is amazing the kinds of things they say, even when it comes to UGA losing.  Somehow, someway, it comes back to the state, the stadium, the city, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Such theories as the franchise "took them churches away to build a stadium," referring to Mount Vernon Baptist Church and Friendship Baptist Church here in Atlanta.  Another major theory that exists is the "Atlanta Falcons did Michael Vick wrong" when they released him after his dogfighting scandal.  Both cases couldn't be further from the truth as the churches were paid $14.5 million and $19.5 million dollars, respectively.

As far the other theory as much as I love MV7, he did himself no favors and admittedly says the franchise stood by him as much as it could.  Those are just the facts.

I hate when our area teams lose because ultimately people lose their minds too.  Instead of pausing for a second to put the loss into perspective, which in part is why you are a fan or fanatic.

Just think for a second.

The University of Georgia is in the second year of head coach Kirby Smart being in play.  He is just putting his stamp on this program and he just lost to arguably the greatest coach in College Football History in Nick Saban of Alabama.

Dan Quinn, in his second year of being the head coach of the Falcons took his team to the Super Bowl and lost to arguably the greatest coach in National Football League History.  You hope that ultimately, good fortune comes to your team and some of those breaks come your way, but in certain instances it is just not your time… yet!

So UGA football fans, do not fret, be prepared for what you will face on the opposite side of victory.  I know you are cursing but indeed you are NOT cursed!

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