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'TVD' Video: Klaroline

Candice Accola plays Caroline Forbes on "The Vampire Diaries," and her storyline has quickly become one of the most talked about. The Barbie vamp has managed to romance a werewolf-turned-hybrid, and in last season, she caught the eye of arguably the most powerful vampire in the world -- you know, that original one.

In an interview with the CW, Accola acknowledges that a lot of fans have begun rooting for Klaus and Caroline. Watch below:


Honestly, I am a Klaroline shipper. I'm not afraid to admit it, and yes, I prefer Klaroline over Carolous, which sounds way too close to "carolers." I do understand where Accola is coming from. Klaus has killed innocent people -- we obviously cannot overlook the death count. But hasn't Damon? In fact, almost every single vampire has ravaged humans in some form. I don't think Klaus should change (I wouldn't want him to), but in most respects, they're all monsters. Even Caroline.

That being said, are you Team Tyler or Team Klaus?

-- Becca Ritchie

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