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'TVD': 9 Quotable Moments

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 3 below. Proceed with caution.]

"The Vampire Diaries" filled last night's episode with humor, action and even more twists. Elena's change into a vampire provided a slew of amusing quotes while Damon, of course, was not short of quips. Here are nine quotable moments from episode 3.

  • "Good day for a midlife crisis...a hundred and sixty-four years, I'd say you're due." -- Damon to Stefan as he tinkers with a motorcycle.
  • Elena: "New house, huh? Did your brother finally kick you out?"
    Rebekah: "He didn't kick me out. I left."
    Elena: "So you left the only person on Earth who actually likes you?"
    Rebekah: "Well your boyfriend liked me once. Actually a lot more than once."
  • Meredith: "Tell me that is not a bomb."
    Damon: "Okay, it's a kitten, an adorable, exploding kitten."
  • "You're good at this, you know that? You saved my vampire life and now you're saving her's. You should write a book, go on The View..." -- Caroline to Stefan
  • "I don't want to go home. I want to take the white oak stake and kill her. That's how mad I am. She made me murderous." -- Elena
  • As Damon and Klaus corner the vampire hunter. Damon: "Well, you know, maybe you can cue me in on this greater evil because I fought this guy and there's nothing more evil than that."
    Klaus: "Yeah, truth be told, I'm as evil as it gets."
  • "And for future reference, one voice mail is just as effective as nine." -- Klaus to Stefan
  • Jeremy: "See, I told you I could be a badass."
    Damon: "Shh, badasses don't say that."
  • Elena: "Why am I thinking of you?"
    Hallucinatory Damon: "Because you're a vampire now, and part of you knows you're a lot more like me than you are like him."

    -- Becca Ritchie

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