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Tuesday Sketch & Paint at Seven Arts

I've never been an artist. I've never been trusted with a paintbrush (unless I was tipsy). As you can see from the photo below.victoria

But Seven Arts Center gives people like me the opportunity to learn! Beginning this Tuesday (and a few Tuesdays after that), they'll be providing lessons specifically designed to help improve drawing and painting skills for the common man.

Apparently these lessons will further boost your confidence and skill when it comes to creating pieces of art. You'll learn how to draw and paint various things like: faces, landscapes, flowers, boats, etc. And while learning how to create these various things, you'll be provided with the proper oil painting techniques, watercolor techniques, acrylic painting, pastels, etc. Hmmm...that sounds doable. I still don't think I can do it without a glass of wine in hand. Each lesson is $25 per person, so that price isn't too shabby for the lessons that you'll receive.


I might need to have about three or four...hundred.

Here's their site for more information.

--Wendell Scott

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