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TTYM: Watch Jim Harbaugh Do Push-Ups With A Walrus And A Kid Throw A Fit Over A Ball

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week's That Thing You Missed, watch Jim Harbaugh do push ups with a walrus, an Aussie kid throw a hissy fit over a foul ball, Phil Martelli's grandson "do" Phil Martelli and why an Italian baseball team is, er, red in the face.

 Black Face Time

AmEx Commercial from CROCETTA BASEBALL CLUB by Stefano Chiuri on YouTube

Remember the part in the movie Major League when the Indians start to get really popular so they shoot an American Express commercial? It’s definitely one of the highlights in an already epic baseball movie.

And an Italian pro-baseball team seems to think so too. In fact, that scene made such an impression they decided to recreate it for themselves. They did a great job, parodying the commercial word for word, even.

That is, until the guy playing Wesley Snipes' character Willie Mays Hayes slides into home. In blackface.

Yes, I wrote blackface.

Hmmm... I never realized Al Jolson was popular in Italy.

Story via CBS Houston

I Wish The Dingo Ate My Baby? 

The Dodgers are down under to kick off their season against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and this week they played an Australian All-Star team for a little warm up.

I have no idea what happened on the field during the game - I can tell you, however, what happened in the stands is almost as obnoxious as last year’s massive bench clearing brawl.

Check out how this Australian lad completely freaks out when he thinks he’s missing out on his chance to go home with a foul ball.

I guess Americans are not the only ones who raise bratty kids.

And while we’re all focused on the ankle biter who’s dying to get his fat fingers on that ball, let’s pause to acknowledge how the Australian left-fielder couldn’t even manage to toss the damn thing into the stands properly.

What kind of team is that?

Well, at least they didn’t shoot a parody video with one of their players in blackface.

Story via

 Copy Hawk?

Phil Martelli's Grandson by Jeff Garrett on YouTube

St. Joseph’s lost a heartbreaker to the Connecticut Huskies in the first round (ok second, whatever) of the NCAA Tournament Thursday night - but not before Philip the 4 –year old grandson of St. Joe’s coach Philip Martelli became a sensation.

During the Hawks’ A-10 Championship game against VCU he wore a suit jacket with a full-on tie and pocket square to match his grandpa's. And while the Hawks played he yelled, pointed his finger, crossed his arms and even whipped out a whiteboard and Sharpie to draw up plays.

He does, of course, still have hair.

Unfortunately, there’s no more dancing for St. Joe’s.

Little Philip, however, did get a sideline interview and that's gotta make you smile.

Story via 

I am the Walrus? 

49er Coach Jim Harbaugh does push-ups with Siku the walrus by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on YouTube

49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh is known for his hardcore competitive nature, picking post-game fights with other coaches and wearing $8 khaki pants.

Now, thanks to this video, he’s infamous for challenging a walrus to a push-up competition.

Perhaps he’s trying to soften his image.

I don’t know about you, but I still don’t really like him.

Story via CBS San Francisco

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