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TTYM: NFL's 'Gay 'Ol Time' And Erin Andrews Disses 50 Cent

If you are remotely related to the world of sports and wanted to get your name out there this week – all you had to do was weigh-in on the gays in the NFL discussion. Oh, and weigh in they did.

Colorado University tight end Nick Kasa claims a team asked him if he "liked girls" during the NFL combine this week. Seriously? Seriously. Then Terrell Suggs went on the record calling that question "inappropriate." Thanks Terrell.

Deion Sanders thinks the NFL is ready for a gay player. Well Deion, my guess is it already has (at least) one. And, now a Vikings punter is filing a brief urging the U.S. Supreme court to overturn California’s Prop 8 banning gay marriage.

Why does it feel like Manti Te’o has something to do with this?

All I have to say is former Jet, CBS Local personality and my pal Kris Jenkins was talking about this before it was cool. Back in October he told Boomer and Carton it was time for gay NFL players to “come out of the closet”– and he caught flack for it. Glad everyone else is finally catching up. 

Now the NFL is investigating the combine questioning of Casa. (Catchy title, no?)

Oh sweet Jesus, I just pray my boyfriend Sean Payton was too busy playing with his binoculars this week to be involved. The Saints can't handle another scandal.

Now here are some other interesting tidbits in this week’s That Thing You Missed.

Crash Course

WARNING: Below is video of the accident from a fans’ perspective. Language and some of the images may be disturbing to some.

Kyle Larson Flip Finish Live CLOSE CALL! by NascarFan47 on YouTube

Check out this spectator video from the scary wreck at the Daytona International Speedway that sent 30 spectators to the hospital. It’s like being in the stands without the threat of injury or Skoal breath.

Pretty crazy, right? All I keep thinking is -- It’s a good thing it happened toward the end of the race so those fans were a good six-pack of Budweiser in and feeling no pain.

I also now feel I have vastly underrated the value of advanced whistling skills.

Story via CBS Tampa

Kissing Games
50 Cent awkward kiss with Erin Andrews by NASCAR on YouTube

Frankly, I don’t know which was more of a wreck. Saturday’s Daytona International crash or 50 Cent’s attempt at kissing Erin Andrews on live television prior to Sunday’s Daytona 500?

Watch this clip and you will know why I will forever use the line “ I’m gonna go see Danica…” when a guy I’m not interested in hits on me.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t continue to follow me around 50 Cent style.

Story via CBS Detroit

Uniform Disadvantage

(Courtesy Adidas) (Courtesy Adidas)

We learned on Thursday Adidas is continuing it’s mission to make college basketball players look as ridiculous as possible.

Six schools including UCLA and Notre Dame (don’t they look ridiculous enough?) will don uniforms featuring shorts with a Zubaz pattern.

Not sure what Zubaz pants are – well, they were made fun of  made popular in the ‘80’s thanks to Joey Buttafuoco.   You know, the guy who’s mistress a/k/a The Long Island Lolita shot his wife?

And here’s where it really gets sad.  That’s not the worse part of the design.  Some of the schools actually chose shirts with sleeves.

Sleeves? I’m sure that’s going to be really comfortable.

Story via CBS Atlanta

Et Tu ,CC?

CC Sabathia Harlem Shake Video by FANdotme on YouTube

Wasn't Manti Te'o's version bad enough?

Story via CBS New York

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