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TTYM: Nash Commits A Foul On The Sidelines And Aggies Fans Hijack A Liveshot

by:  @TaraLipinsky

Darnell Dockett makes a move via Twitter on Miss Alabama, sauced Aggie fans hijack a reporter's liveshot and Steve Nash commits a foul on the sidelines. Those stories and video of possibly the most talented kicker ever in this week's That Thing You Missed.

Hardcourt Pitstop


The Lakers' Steve Nash picked up his 10,000th assist against the Rockets this week.

A milestone only four other players have ever accomplished. 

Only, I’m sure his teammate Metta World Peace didn’t appreciate this sideline “assist.”

Nash uses his towel to dry out his armpits during a timeout. Now watch as he hands the towel to Metta who then uses it to wipe down his face.

I wonder how many players have accomplished this assist?

Nash is lucky he doesn’t play with Carmelo Anthony or he might have been stalked at the team bus after the game.

On a sidenote:  What is up with Nash’s haircut?  He looks like my little brother circa: 1978.

Story Via CBS Los Angeles

Sweet Home Alabama 

Ask anyone what the score was of the Alabama vs. Notre Dame National Championship game they will look at you as if you have ten heads.

Now, ask them who the star of that game was and they’ll answer with a resounding Katherine Webb.

And that’s just the first of many ridiculous guffaws that occurred during the BCS Championship not in the least of which is The Crimson Tide creaming The Irish (the score was 42-14 BTW).

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, the game was so boring, ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger spent an uncomfortable amount of time gushing over Webb who is Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend and the reigning Miss Alabama – making her an instant star.  

And that’s not even the worst part.   The genius minds at ESPN actually apologized the next day for his comments, obviously.  I mean Musburger had the gall to call Miss Alabama a young woman who gets her photo taken in a teeny weeny bikini a “beautiful” and a “good-looking” woman.  Way to exploit her Musberger!

I am telling you right now you never have to apologize to me for calling me “beautiful” and if you say it more than once – I’ll probably kiss you. 

The Wrong Dockett Number

And Webb’s beauty did not go unnoticed by Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett – who became so infatuated with Miss Alabama he posted his number on Twitter for her. “hit me [phone number] when game over, lets go to wing stop then king of diamond,” Dockett tweeted. He very quickly learned he had Tweeted his digits to all of his followers instead of sending her a direct message. D’oh.

And for those of you not in the know – King of Diamond is a Miami strip club.

Now, clearly at that point Dockett hadn’t seen Webb’s bikini photos because if he had he would know two things:

There’s absolutely no reason to go to the strip club and clearly Webb doesn’t eat chicken wings… or much of anything for that matter.

You’ll be lucky if she helps you polish off the celery on the side

And man, you are so lucky the Cardinals season is over – because I wouldn’t want to go back to that locker room if I was you.

Story via @ CBS Atlanta

“High" Minded Fans

And ESPN isn’t the only station that had a little distraction during their on-air bowl coverage.

In Arlington, Texas – a reporter at our CBS Dallas affiliate has some fun of his own outside Cowboys Stadium when a couple of spirited Aggie fans hijacked his live shot right before the Cotton Bowl. 

Jeff Jamison’s “guests” who “know Johnny Football” passionately declared with certainty Texas A & M belongs in the SEC, “well, duh.” And “OU has nothing on us.  C’mon ya’ll.”

I am personally obsessed with this video and it has nothing to do with the fact that could have been me during any one of my college years.

I particularly appreciate all the thumbs up and finger pointing by the brunette. 

I’ll bet you a dollar they didn’t even make it to half-time.

By the way, the gals were right.  The Aggies Crushed OU 41-13.

Gig ‘em.

Story via CBS Dallas


Kickalicious™ by bighdeluxe on YouTube

The must-see video of the week is of 28-year old Norwegian man Harvard Rugland who decided to make a video of himself doing random tricks kicking a football.  And 60 yard field goals are just the beginning. How about kicking a ball onto a moving car?  Seriously.

Keep in mind he knows nothing about American Football.

Rugland's skills are so amazing, skeptics questioned its authenticity.  A broadcaster even painstakingly reviewed the clips to make sure it wasn't doctored and it caused a media circus in Norway.

Guess what?  The New York Jets have shown a keen interest.

And that is no joke.

Also, I am totally drafting him for my Fantasy Football team next year.

Story via CBS Tampa

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