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TTYM: Darnell Dockett Rewards A Fan And Cuba Gooding Jr. Confuses Fans

by @TaraLipinsky

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From a bloody brawl to an Oscar winning performance on center ice, here are five sports stories you may have missed this week.

1. Taking A Stand

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, a democrat from the Great State of Louisiana knows her audience.

Landrieu poured beer into the mouth of an LSU Tiger fan doing a keg stand during a tailgate last weekend.

Rumor has it, despite voter's interest, she declined to do her own keg stand. 

2. Brawl Buster

What good can come of a  bloody brawl in the stands at a professional football game?

Well, how about if a fan who came to the aid of a security guard caught in the melee, got offered tickets on Twitter by the player whose jersey he was wearing? 

Enter Darnell Dockett: One of my favorite athletes on Twitter, but a guy whose judgment on social media I have often questioned.

Shame on me. 

Dockett Tweeted out a request to meet the fan who came to the security guard’s rescue and offered him the ducats to another game.

Looks like his judgment is just fine. 

P.S. It turns out the fan was already a season ticket holder.  So Dockett game him his Pro-Bowl jersey.

Story via CBS Sports

3. I Can't Beer It 

In case you don’t already know this about me, I loathe the Kiss Cam. It exemplifies everything I despise about sporting events. The only thing worse than the Kiss cam is Jumbotron proposals.

And every once in a while a couple will come up with a clever routine to defy the Kiss Cam operator, but this is not one of those times.

I may not like the Kiss Cam, but I also hate to waste money and those brews had to cost at least 13 bucks a pop.  Plus, there’s the whole getting beer poured over your head reality. 

So, who’s really losing here? Well, the fans. 'Cause there's no way in hell, that wasn't a set-up. 

Story via CBS Detroit

4. Keep Smiling

TWC News Austin: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester by Lauren Mickler on YouTube

In one of the most inspirational sports stories of the week, Houston-area high school football player Apollos Hester gave one of the best post-game interviews in history after his team came back to beat their rivals in a 42-41 nail-biter.

Perhaps if he doesn’t want to play professional ball, he'll consider a career as a motivational speaker.  Wow.

 Story via CBS Houston

 5. Stop Showing Me The Money

We know he’s a huge hockey fan, but for the life of me I still can't understand why Cuba Gooding Jr. was a “shoot the puck” contestant during a Blackhawks exhibition game in Chicago this week.

When he actually got the puck into the cup on center ice, his reaction was certainly a unique one. Johnny Weir doesn't even take his shirt off in a skating rink.

With Gooding, I can’t help feeling as if he’s perpetually trying to live up to that 1997 Oscar speech where he received a standing “O” from the Hollywood elite.

On a related note, am I the only one who still thinks Edward Norton should have won the Academy Award that year?

Story via CBS Detroit

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