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Trending Now: Fall Comfy Sweaters

Sweater Weather. Enough said.

My annual sweater post, I'll never grow tired of you. Hopefully you feel the same way too. ;)

Although this post gravitates around the same topic year-after-year, the sweater styles highlighted each time are always fresh and/or embody elevated versions of alumni styles that have graced the previous sweater seasons. Classic oversized sweater, yes, I'm talking about you. It keeps on keeping on but with new facelifts each time. No one's complaining though.

Marques'Almeida - Runway - LFW AW16
John Phillips/Getty Images

This year, the Fall 2017 sweater styles are all about cozy statements - meaning - the more chunky/puffy/cut-outs it has the better. Yes, bell-sleeves are DEF out to play on this year's sweaters and rocking the so-called puff crave.

Within these trends, I'm praising the ones that really own c-o-z-y, because it's a constant favorite of mine. Enough of my jibber jabber though, you know me... I love to share, so treat yourself to these cozy sweaters you'll want to live in this Fall:

Why I love it: A dressed up sweater look for the office is a must-have.

Why I love it: Bell-sleeves are a chic addition to any comfy Fall look.


Why I love it: Chunky knits feel like home.


Why I love it: All the Puff. All the Puff.


Why I love it: Comfy doesn't mean it's devoid of sexy. This shoulder-baring sweater proves it.


Hey, think about how relaxed you'll feel in these sweaters when it comes to holiday indulgences - Bring on all the turkey and sweets. Nowwww, you're really sold... aren't you? ;)

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