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Trending Now: Everlane's Day Heel for Fall Work Wear

For all the hardworking ladies who need comfy chic heels, this post is for you! Read on.

An email aimed at uplifting your whole day's mood is one worth opening. You know the kind that makes you jump out of your office chair with pure JOY? Yes, they are out there, and the fashion icon brand Everlane is proving it. ESP, when they chime in to announce new Fall colors for their Day Heel. You might as well already call in the champ and confetti, because I'm celebrating these pretty pumps all season long.



If shoes were a double chocolate cake that never ends, this would be them. The chic comfort they provide is pure deliciousness. They are feet candy - which is why these acclaimed "wear-all-day" pumps typically sell out within a day or two.



It's true, you can literally walk in this heel ALL day long without any hiccups of pain. Your work to play outfits will never suffer alongside these sidekicks.



Which color has my heart? The "Citron Suede." Y-E-S please!!! And, yes...I've already added them to the cart so FOMO wouldn't settle anywhere near my work wear wardrobe.



With that said, I'm wrapping up this post now, so you have time to shop these beauties before your only choice left is the waiting list. Get to it darling, your feet will thank you.



If you haven't signed up for their emails or follow them on Insta, do so RN. :)

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