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Too Much Truth - Whites Commit Crime Too

This past Sunday in Southern California, a huge riot and disturbance took place at Huntington Beach. It started right after a surfing and skateboarding competition when a fight broke out. Things quickly escalated out of control as young people started to riot the streets, smashing up vehicles and street signs. More fights also broke out sporadically, and various acts of criminal damage occurred.
The incident became so dangerous that police forced to come on the scene with riot gear. Rubber bullets were shot and some were injured, including one fire fighter. The riot started dyeing down around 9 P.M. that evening, and it was estimated that it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix what was damaged.

The issue that is alarming is that this riot did not make it to main stream media. Is it because the violence was caused by "whites?" So today on Too Much Truth, DB wanted to make sure that he reminded his listeners and the world that "whites do commit crime too." Don't believe it? Check out the video below.

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