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Too Much Truth - Education In The Community

Today on Too Much Truth special guest Kenyatta Bush and Dr. Wheda Carletos were in the studio discussing the importance of the KIPP Vision Primary School. A public charter elementary school in Southeast Atlanta. It is located on the KIPP Vision Campus with KIPP Vision Academy Middle School. KIPP Primary is a tuition-free school that is equipped with a soccer team, cheerleading team, and dance team. You can visit their website at or call them at 404-537-5252 to enroll your child today. KIPP Vision is dedicated to preparing and molding the youth for college life.

Another special guest in the studio today was Latricia Scriven and Dr. Edward Wimberly. Scriven and Wimberly were speaking on behalf of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC). The home of Black liberation theology,  ITC is a consortium of six predominantly African-American denominational Christian seminaries located in Atlanta, Georgia, operating together as a professional graduate school of theology. ITC has a program set up called "saving our ITC" where they are trying to raise 2 million dollars. To donate you can visit, call at 404-527-7118, or walk right in to the office 700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Atlanta, Georgia, 30314 to make your personal donation.

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