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Tom Cruise, A Comedic Gem. Who Else Should Make The Leap?

Rock of Ages has hit the big screen. And subsequently flopped during the opening weekend, being overrun by Promethus and Madagascar 3. According to Rotten Tomatoes, most critics disliked the ho-hum movie. Currently, it rates a measly 42 percent. Our very own georgia girl and Preview This! with Mike have reviewed it with a similar lukewarm response. I can't say I completely agree with the outcome. After seeing Rock of Ages, I bought into most of the gimmicks, the insta-love romance and the wildly outrageous Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx. The highlight, of course, was the comedic turn of Mr. Cruise. This wasn't the first time we've seen him strip down (quite literally) and show his comedic chops. In 2008, Tropic Thunder delighted us with a pot-bellied and balding Cruise who was vulgar and oh so funny. He stole the show then, and he certainly stole it now.  I was only disappointed that they didn't complete the 80's parody with Tom Cruise singing "Old Time Rock and Roll" in his ridiculous metal, er...uh, athletic supporter.

TOM CRUISE as Stacee Jaxx in New Line Cinema's rock musical "ROCK OF AGES," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Source: Warner Bros.

Mark Wahlberg followed in Tom Cruise's footsteps by appearing alongside Will Ferrell in The Other Guys in 2010. The change of genres made him more pliable, and he no longer became the staple "action" guy. So this begs the question, what other action stars should reinvigorate their career by pursuing comedic roles?

My suggestions:

Jason Statham -- The swoon-worthy Brit picks mostly thriller films. Where have you seen him? The Transporter where he delivers packages without asking too many questions. Its success led to Transporter 2 and Transporter 3. I propose that Statham break out a little. I'd love to see him provide comedic relief, maybe even sharing the screen with funnyman Ben Stiller.

Alexander Skarsgard -- The Swedish sensation has captured our hearts in HBO's miniseries Generation Kill. Most recently, we've seen him in action-packed Battleship. However it's his role as Erik Northman, a sexy vampire in True Blood, that has us all riled up. As Northman, he gives us a slice of his comedic possibilities. I would love it if he dove head first into a full-blown comedy. Would you?

Have your own suggestions? Sound Below!

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