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Tips On Fitting A Swimsuit To Your Body Type From An Atlanta Expert

Barely Visible all started with the phrase, "it's not a problem." The owners were constantly surrounded by women who would have breast enhancements or women that were small on the bottom and large on top. Wanda and Linda started to notice that it simply took more fabric to get the perfect fit of a bra or swimsuit. The owners tell women not to worry about a size because it's just a number or a letter. It is all about the fit. Do not let the number or letter define you or you are going to have a hard time being comfortable in the swimsuit. The fit of a perfect swimsuit all depends on what look you are going for and the occasion.

Barely Visible has a huge selection (Credit, LeQuisha Gray)

Wanda Potts-Daneron
Barely Visible
398 Eagles Landing Parkway
Stockbridge, GA 30281
(770) 506-1887

Wanda has been working with female bodies for so long that she can tell by looking at them what fit they are. She has been in the business of making custom bras and swimsuits for over 30 years. Wanda, along with her sister Linda, are the seamstresses of the business, while Tonya is the computer genius and the fitter. This business owner loves to interact with the customers and is a people person. She is gregarious and takes getting to know the customer and their needs very seriously.

There's a swimsuit for all sizes (Credit, LeQuisha Gray)

Tip 1: Size or shape does not matter, but fit does

When it comes to women feeling good about themselves, having on something that is not only stylish, but fitting to their body helps to improve those feelings. Wearing a swimsuit brings out the insecurities in most women, but if it fits your body, there will be no insecurities. If the swimsuit fits your personality, it gives you a sense of comfort. Along with fitting the body and specific personality, the swimsuit must also fit the occasion. For example, if a mother is buying a swimsuit for her daughter's pool party, then it should have a mature look and a tankini would be ideal.

Tip 2: If you have a large chest area, make sure it is supported

No woman wants to go to the beach with a saggy bust, so support in this area is very important. If you have a large bust, make sure it is supported. Support can come from an underwire or from a band directly under your bust. If you decide to wear a halter top, make sure the strap is made with a stretch material. Additional support can come from thick and adjustable straps, seamed cups and quality lining.

Be bold with colors (Credit, LeQuisha Gray)


Tip 3: When it comes to swimsuits, black is not slimming

Black is universally known as the color that slims. If you have belly fat, a tight black swimsuit is not going to help tone down that area. To minimize the appearance of a large stomach, wear a printed or patterned suit. A tankini with a top that overlaps the bottom will be best for women with abdominal obesity. When wearing a one-piece, pick one that has a band under the breast. This will draw eyes away from the problem area.

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Tip 4: Wear a fuller bottom for full hips and thighs

For women who have fuller bottoms, a fuller bottom helps with slimming. It is recommended to get a swimsuit bottom that has an arched leg line to give a toned appearance. A great way to draw attention from your bottom is to wear a swimsuit that has embellishments at the top. This draws one's eyes to the top of your body. Lastly, if wearing a one-piece, pick a suit that separates the bottom from the top with a band or a pop of color.


Go with a fun design (Credit, LeQuisha Gray)

Tip 5: Ruching is great for slimmer figures

Many slim-figured women want to create the illusion of curves, and ruching helps. If wearing a two-piece, pick a bottom that has ruched sides or side ties. Ruched swimsuit bottoms create the look of hips and a waist. Bottoms with a skirt will also help in this area. When wearing a one-piece, go for a suit with bold prints or shirred texture which also creates the illusion of curves.

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