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Time For Alabama To Call Saban's Texas-sized Bluff

If I'm the University of Alabama, I'm not scared about all the noise coming out of Texas that my football coach, Nick Saban, would consider leaving for the Longhorns. Scared? Not scared. There's another reaction, another emotion, I'd be having:


This has reached a ridiculous level. One leak about Saban's potential interest in the Texas job was unseemly, and we had that leak six weeks ago. Want an opinion on that leak? Here's what I wrote in late September, saying Nick Saban isn't leaving Alabama for Texas, because Alabama is a better job (at this moment) and Saban is too old to devote the time it would take to pull Texas up to (and then beyond) Alabama's level.

Why would 62-year-old Nick Saban leave Alabama for Texas? He wouldn't. That was my opinion then and it's my opinion now, and it'll be my opinion until I see Saban behind a podium in Austin, wearing burnt orange and awkwardly waving the hook 'em sign at Texas fans watching on the Longhorn Network.

That's me as a sportswriter: Incredulous. Disbelieving.

This would be me as an Alabama chancellor or trustee: Furious.

Because Saban isn't leaving, which means this is pointless middle-school posturing. If these leaks are coming from Saban's camp -- there are only two camps here, Saban's camp and Texas' camp -- then I'm furious at my coach for letting it happen. If they're coming from Texas, I'm furious at my coach for not stamping it out with both feet and blasting whoever at Texas is doing this to him.

Don't be confused over the location of the leaks, either. They're coming out of the state of Texas, so therefore the leaks are originating from the University of Texas? That's a naïve way of looking at the transmission of information in the 21st century. Don't be naïve. A reporter can be tipped off to emails by anyone. Sure, a Texas trustee could have tipped off the Associated Press reporter who broke this story. Saban's agent could have tipped off the reporter just as easily.

Whatever the case, this is Saban's fault because he's the one whose camp was talking to Texas in the first place.

And if I'm Alabama, I'm furious. Because I'm Alabama, for the love of God. I'm not Michigan State or even LSU, and no offense to those two fine schools and...

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