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Tim Daly On 'Madam Secretary,' Career And Family

NEW YORK (CBS THIS MORNING) - Sunday's most-watched scripted series on broadcast television, the CBS hit drama, "Madam Secretary," is now in its second season.

Tim Daly stars as Henry McCord, a professor and husband of the secretary of state, played by Téa Leoni.

The actor joined "CBS This Morning" Friday and discussed the show's uniqueness and appeal to American viewers.

"It portrays a marriage that's actually working and it's dynamic, but this couple's committed to figuring out how to do it and they have problems that I think make it very relatable for people," Daly said. "You know, like kids who are in trouble in various ways and moving and all this busy life and their job, so I think there's something there for everybody, including political junkies."

Daly's character is prized as the ideal father and husband figure, which Daly said broke the long tradition of the portrayal of men in American television.

"A lot of men come up to me and say, 'Thank God you play someone competent, thank God you're someone who can be left with the children in the house and the whole thing doesn't burn down,'" Daly said.

The political drama also touches on many real-life current events and issues -- with episodes centered on ISIS, nude photo leaks, tensions with Russia and the Cuban trade embargo -- which Daly said were not always drawn from the papers.

"It seems like we do a story and we read about it in the newspaper, so we don't exactly rip it from the newspaper -- we rip it from the future," Daly said, joking that the show's writer, Barbara Hall, has a "crystal ball."

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