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Thrift Shopping Increases In Metro Atlanta As Inflation Rises

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- Rising prices are hitting Americans at the pump, the grocery store, and at their favorite shops. Now, secondhand stores are seeing more customers as people turn to them for a break.

Customers at the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore said it was a nice day to get out for some bargain shopping. "We're building a bathroom right now, and we come down here for sinks, for our toilets," said Anita Nelson, a customer.

Shoppers are used to finding good deals on new and used items at the ReStore. "The ReStore makes it a really great option for being able to save money and get some things done that would have taken years to accomplish," said Penny McMillan-Hughes, another customer.

The ReStore is their go-to for all kinds of tools, appliances, furniture, and other household items that cost much less than what you find in other stores, and just as gas and food prices are skyrocketing, so is the number of thrifty shoppers.

"We've been seeing more of an influx of just more customers coming in and looking at our different items," said Naomi Barber, the social media and digital marketing coordinator for the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore. "Lighting has been flying out the door," she said.

Customers like Glenn Wrightson said it's not always about saving a dollar, but about helping those in need. "I see people throwing stuff away, and I think to myself, 'Donate that. If I'm in my truck, I stop and pick it up and bring it here myself,'" he said.

The money spent at the ReStore also serves Habitat for Humanity's mission of helping families. "Our mission just helps getting people into affordable housing, and of course, selling items as well in the community," Barber said.

Everyone, including the hard-core thrift shoppers, agrees it's a win-win for both the retailers and customers.

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