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Theatre Talk: The Phantom of the Opera!

The Phantom of the Opera is The Fox Theatre!

(ten points if you sang the above line with dramatic flair)

Cameron Mackintosh's production of Andrew Lloyd Weber's beloved classic brings new life to our stage. Complete with a stellar cast and voices powerful enough to make you cry and swoon all at the same time...this tour of The Phantom of the Opera is one you don't want to miss.

In the role of the Phantom, Derrick Davis brings power behind the mask that not only humanizes the character but also makes the audience yearn for more whenever he is on stage. What's different about Derrick? His voice is commanding, and his stage presence is felt throughout the entire theatre. I'd let him be my "angel of music" any day (I mean this in the most un-creepy way possible). The last time I saw the touring cast of The Phantom of the Opera, I was disappointed. I didn't feel moved by the actor portraying the Phantom. It was a bit contrived. However, I cannot and WILL not say that about Derrick's performance. He. Is. Brilliant. The entire cast was brilliant, to be honest. Christine (Katie Travis) gave me chills as well. She sings incredibly high notes--like, a case you didn't know. She nailed every one. Plus, it just so happened to be her birthday! That's dedication!

You've got another few days to see The Phantom of the Opera. This production disappears back into the rafters on March 5th. See it and be moved. Get your tickets here.

--Wendell Scott

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