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Theatre Talk: Les Misérables

Victor Hugo's classic novel, Les Misérables, comes to life on stage at the Fox Theatre now through March 3rd.

Company of Les Miserables
Les Miserables US Tour Cast (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

We are taken back to 19th-Century France, after the French Revolution and dive right into the 1800's.  Jean Valjean (Nick Cartell) escapes the grasp of oppression and turmoil through valiant efforts to shield his identity, but also remain an honest man. This story is literally one of my favorites. I remember having to read it in high school, moaning and groaning, like every other AP LIT student. But once I opened the pages and encountered the cat-and-mouse game between Javert and Jean Valjean, (and the dramatics surrounding it) I was hooked. Seeing it laid out on stage? Breathtaking.

Let's talk about the singing. This is no mediocre rehashing of Hugo's work. It is a beauty in its own right. The voices of this cast were powerful and portrayed passion and turmoil with poise. The musical's most memorable song, "Bring Him Home," brought me to tears. I had to go grab another cup of champagne, because I was simply too emotional to function. You sympathize with the sacrifice and loss these characters, and those of this time period, went through. Even poor Éponine (Paige Smallwood) gets friendzoned by Marius (Joshua Grosso), then dies?! Now, that is a loss! I forgot about that, and almost lost it myself.

Les Miserables Jean Valjean
Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Les Misérables is a piece that must be experienced. It might be dramatic. It might be dark. But it is completely worth it. There's a reason why it remains the fifth longest-running Broadway production of all time. It is a masterpiece. And when there's a cast like this bringing life to this well-known story, it should always remain valued.

For more information about the show and tickets, click here.

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