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Theatre Talk: ALADDIN

Let Disney's enchanted classic, Aladdin, show you the world as shining and as splendid as it may be.

Aladdin is pure magic. That is all. We are all familiar with the 1992 Disney classic, but seeing it on stage is an entirely different adventure. Step into the world of Agrabah as our favorite diamond in the rough navigates what it means to be yourself to truly unlock the magic. Aladdin (Christian Greenspan) is portrayed with innocence and poise during this production, instantly allowing you to fall in love with him (especially when he does the iconic neck scratch move...oy vey). The production's main event (to me), Genie (Trevor Dion Nicholas) does not disappoint any time he's onstage. His quick wit and tricks up his satin sleeves, left us all laughing on the edge of our seats.

I felt like I was watching more than a recreation of the movie. This production held its own. I was pleasantly shocked by some of the choices made regarding some of the major characterizations in the storyline, and they all worked so well. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll let you see for yourself.

This is the type of production where the costumes and set pieces are an integral part of the show. Well, they're always an integral part...but! I felt like costumes, set pieces and seemingly static elements on stage told their own stories as well. Let's just say, some musical numbers end with a bang!

Aladdin is here until this Sunday! So you better go see it before that magic carpet flies away. There is no other magic like this production. You will definitely be "proud of your boy" Aladdin. Grab your tickets here!


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