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"The Sisterhood of the Night" Red Carpet

Sisterhood of the night
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On Friday night at the Plaza Theatre, I attended the screening of the feature film "The Sisterhood of the Night." I interviewed the director Caryn Waechter and several of the cast members of the movie on the Atlanta Film Festival Red Carpet before the film played to a packed house.

Welcome to Atlanta and the Atlanta Film Festival:

Caryn Waechter: Thank you, we are excited to be here!

So, this was your first feature length film. What was that experience like?:

Caryn: For a first film it was amazing. It has such strong female characters and an amazing group of female producers. It was awesome! It was very intense, life changing experience. We all became really good friends in making this film.

sisterhood 1
Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

Kara, tell us a little about your character in the film:

Kara Hayward: I play Emily in the film. She is an outcast in the film. She isn't part of the "Sisterhood." She is very young and nieve. She doesn't have any sort of relationship with any of the girls, but she desperately wants to be part of the group.

And she has a secret also, right?

Kara: Yes, she does.

So, Georgie, you play the leader of this group of girls that get persecuted:

Georgie Henley: Yeah, my wolf pack. Yes, that a good way to put it. My character, Mary, is persecuted, which is a good way at looking at it. The film is loosely based on the Salem Witch Trials and I think that kind of atmosphere of hysteria is what the film is telling. It's an exciting, really cool film.

sisterhood 4
Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

So, this is a modern re-telling of the Salem Witch Trials. Does social media have a part in this film?

Caryn: Definitely. This is a modern version of the Witch Trials, set in the Facebook age. It's a very timely, current subject to talk about on how we communicate in today's age. Teenagers also communicate exclusively through social media, so it's an important part of the film.

Hi, Willa. So you are a part of the "Sisterhood," so talk about what makes your character unique from the other girls in the group:

Willa Cuthrell: Well, she comes from a Taiwanese background and is struggling with the fact that her mother has cancer and is very sick in the hospital. She also struggles with the digital age and trying to connect with other people. And then she finds Mary and the "Sisterhood."

And how about your character Evan?:

Evan Kuzma: Well the film is about secrets and the secrets that we keep. I am Mary's secret. Mary, played by Georgie Henley, does like to let people in and know about her life. My character is the one person that she can let in and talk to. But she can't tell her other friends about me. So she is struggling with that secret. And my character is kind of strung along by her, kind of like the dopey boyfriend.

sisterhood 3
Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

The film really explores how quickly things can blow up due to social media and it's impact:

Willa: Yeah, on social media, everything spreads so fast that it can blow out of proportion very quickly. It has an impact on the "Sisterhood" group.

Evan: Because everyone can see what everyone says instantly, rumors can get spread incredibly fast. The film is about how one little incident can be told by one person and then it reaches so many people in a very short amount of time.

Thank you all so much and have a great time in Atlanta!

Evan: Thanks so much!

For more information about the film, go the "The Sisterhood of the Night" Website

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