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The Sidney Wood Show(Aired 01/03/2014):Ga. Black Leaders Protesting Against President Obama's Court Nominees

President Obama has submitted his nominees for the bench in Georgia and the Civil Rights leadership is in opposition. Should the president change course to satisfy his early African-American backers or should he proceed with the deal at hand for the purpose of getting new appointees on the bench?

To help answer that question, we had General Attorney Suzy Ockleberry on the show bringing us the facts about the judicial nominee process. Ms. Ockleberry is one of the members that organized a news conference at Ebenezer Baptist church on December 23, 2013 to discuss their concern about the the President's nominees. Later on, Sidney gave his opinion on the whole matter. Click below to listen to the entire show and then you make the judge.

Suzy Ockleberry Interview Hour 1

Suzy Ockleberry Interview Hour 2

Suzy Ockleberry Interview Hour 3

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