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Beth Behrs And Tichina Arnold On What 'The Neighborhood' Hopes To Achieve: 'Strike Conversations In Places That You Normally Never Would'

(CBS) - The Neighborhood is back with an all-new episode tonight at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Tonight's episode titled "Welcome To The Procedure" sees Calvin (played by Cedric The Entertainer) visiting the doctor for the first time in a decade, inevitably leading to a surprise colonoscopy.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to The Neighborhood co-stars Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs about their fourth season renewal, this week's episode and what to expect in season 25.

MW: Beth, Tichina nice to see you both! First off congratulations on the renewal for season four, what was that moment like when you got the news?

TA: We were in the middle of working. We had had a pretty long day that day and our show's publicist said, can you guys hop on a call at six o'clock? I'm like, does this chick know that I'm working, I'm tired! I'm like, why is she calling me. No, I didn't, I'm just playing. [laughs]

We found out as a cast on the Zoom call. We were very excited. Cedric and Max called us because they were on set and  the rest of us were home. Cedric announced it on a Zoom call. So, it's pretty exciting. Very nice, very exciting.

MW: I feel like that's probably very relatable for a lot of people. You're at the end of the day, ready to check out and you have an extra Zoom call pop up at the end of the day. Probably a call you didn't mind getting once what you knew what it was all about though.

TA: Not at all.

MW: And now tonight, we have a new episode for season three. What are we going to see tonight?

BB: Well tonight is a big episode for our family because my husband is playing Cedric the Entertainer's doctor on the show, which is so exciting. We've never worked together and he's an actor. It was just so much fun to have him on set.

But also, I turned into quite the stage mother. I was always laughing too hard at his jokes, winking at him from across the stage. It was pretty fun.

MW: Of course you mention your husband is playing a doctor on the show and I know Cedric's character is going for a scan in this episode. I know Cedric also cut a PSA for Stand Up To Cancer, for colon cancer. Can you talk about the work that the show is doing with that organization?

TA: Cedric does a lot of philanthropy work, he works tirelessly. One day he was walking by my dressing room and I asked, how to do it all? It's just crazy. But ever since I've known Cedric he's always giving back. He's always giving people food for thought and he's always feeding the people for lack of a better word. I feel like, we can give so much good information from comedy.

I think that's what this show does. We do a lot of social issues. This particular episode actually reminded me that I have to get my colonoscopy. I'm at that age where I got to get it done. It's just important that we take care of ourselves. I think it was a great subject matter for us to touch upon.

MW: Obviously the show is a hit but it's great that you all do work on these big picture issues while also making people laugh.

TA: We got a good cast of people. We want to be able to come into people's homes and make them laugh. For another how many years, Beth?  What are we talking about?

BB: 25!

TA: You want 25? Ok, yeah, we'll take it.

MW: We're on the third season now and season four is up next like we said. How has the show changed over the last three seasons; if at all?

BB: I feel like as the writers got to know who we are as people, there's been a lot more, true Beth and Tichina in the characters. Just Gemma and Tina's relationship, the way that ours has grown off camera, theirs has grown on camera. I love now that they're almost like sisters.

We've had a few episodes where they kind of get into little tiffs or competitive cookie bake-offs and stuff. It's just been really fun to play. Now we don't have to establish that they don't know each other. Now they're full blown really good friends and that's just so much fun.

TA: But that happened in real life. Beth and I are really like that. Beth is such a great source of information for me. Beth and I, we share information off camera as well, but it's just good to have wonderful conversations with wonderful people. We hope that this show can strike conversations in places that you normally never would think it would.

MW: Sounds like by season 25 you two will just be mind readers, you won't even need dialogue anymore.

TA: [laughs]

BB: Right? True. [laughs]

MW: Well, that's all I have for you today all the best with the new episodes and congrats again on season four and potentially season 25!

TA: Thank you Matt, be blessed!

BB: Thank you so much!

Tune in for new episodes of The Neighborhood, Mondays at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings or more information.

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