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The Flash S.6 E.12 "A Girl Named Sue" Recap

Welcome to the twelfth installment of the Flashback. This week's theme centers on trust and the ability to persevere through bleak situations. 


 To Trust Or Not to Trust


274 days into his investigation Ralph has made no progress. Cecile offers to help with the investigation, but Ralph dismisses is it saying he likes to work alone. Moments later, Ralph gets a lead on Sue Dearbond from a bank account transaction. 


Ralph tracks the transaction to a run-down apartment. As Ralph approaches the door, an explosion occurs and Sue tackles him to safety. Back at Ralph's office, Sue explains that her apartment was blown up by a murderous ex-boyfriend, John Loring, who began trying to kill her after she stumbled upon his contact list. Nevertheless, Ralph vows to return her to her parents.


While sitting outside of Loring's hideout, Ralph takes the lead because Loring may suspect Sue is trailing him. Ralph sneaks forward to capture photos as evidence but is confronted by a henchman. While the henchman holds Ralph's head underwater, Sue flies through and bicycle-kicks the culprit aside.


Ralph and Sue reconvene at Jitters and discuss their next move. They figured the best way into Loring's Hideout is by sneaking through the sewer system to the center of the building when the guards change shift. Cecile enters and makes things awkward for a moment, but ultimately she tells Ralph that he and Sue may have legitimate chemistry.


While trying to sneak through The Hideout, security catches wind of their presence pretty quickly. Luckily, Ralph finds a key to Loring's safety deposit box, but they need a quick escape from the rooftop, forcing Ralph to reveal that he is Elongated Man.


Naturally, Sue is curious about Ralph's heroism and questions his origins. She tells Ralph that she greatly appreciates his trust, and theorize that they can steal the necessary ledger themselves. Ralph says he will only accompany her on the mission if they turn the ledger over to CCPD.


What we believe is Joe and a supporting officer approaching a bank is revealed as Ralph and Sue undercover. A branch officer leads them to the safety deposit box, but Sue knocks out the guard and seals Ralph behind an electric barrier as she steals the valuables.


Sue confesses that she is a thief and lured Ralph into her investigation as leverage. She turns to leave but is confronted by Loring, which forces Ralph to stretch through the plumbing system. Once he's through, Ralph stretches around Sue serving as a barrier between her and bullets. Ultraviolet (or Esperanza, whichever you prefer) wipes out the attackers and tries to claim the diamond. Ralph shields the initial blow, so Sue escapes and Barry apprehends the bad guys. As a result, Ralph is forced to tell Barry that Sue is the real culprit.


Friend or Phony


Barry prepares to leave the apartment for another day of work but finds fake Iris hard at work at the dining table. She's working to create a connection between McCulloch Tech and the mirror gun. She tries to persuade Barry to get the mirror gun for her, but he insists it is a bad idea.


Barry arrives at work, and Joe asks him to take a second look at an arson crime scene. Joe gives Barry direct orders to bring him any newfound information gathered. 


After surveying the scene, Berry determines that the fire was started by ultraviolet rays. As a result, Joe confesses that he has multiple cases of "accidental death" that he believes had inside help, so Barry quickly tells Joe that he believes this may tie into Iris' investigation of the mirror gun.


Fake Iris sleuths around and the "Statchives" finds the mirror gun. Coincidentally, Nash-Wells arrives at the same time and tells Iris that he is running inventory. As he and Iris dance around each other's questions, Harrison Wells appears and antagonizes Nash Wells as he speaks. Ultimately, they split ways promising not to snitch on one another for being down there.


Inside Out


The real Iris continues trying to get Barry to understand she's behind the mirror, but it solidifies. Another woman, later identified as Eva - the founder of McCulloch Tech, steps forward and reveals shes not dead like people believe, just trapped for the last 6 years. Eva also tells a story about how she was knocked into the mirror the night of the particle accelerator explosion.

Iris is hell-bent on escaping the mirror, but Eva tells her that she has failed 1322 times. They continue talking and Iris recalls a time when they freed somebody from a mirror by freezing it to absolute zero. As a result, Iris and Eva retrieve a can of liquid nitrogen, but their plan fails because the mirror shatters after it freezes. Eva falls back into depression and as her frustrations begin to boil over a piece of mirror magnetizes to her hand.


Iris motivates Eva to put the mirror back together, so Eva channels her inner Neo from the Matrix and summons the pieces of mirror to levitate and presses them back together.


Final Wrap Up


Ralph shirks in embarrassment that he could be played so easily by Sue, while Barry gives fake Iris the mirror gun. Meanwhile, Sue runs tests on the diamond and discovers an embedded code.


With Sue on the run, and Iris still contained behind glass, how will Team Flash confront the latest challenges? Be sure to tune in next week to Atlanta's CW to see the latest developments


-Taylor Gibson 



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