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The Five-Year Engagement Movie Review

When you are sitting in the theatre watching the movie The Five-Year Engagement it almost feels like it takes 5 years to watch.  It is a lengthy film that goes through many events until you can finally get to the ending.  That being said, it is pretty laugh-out loud funny until you get to that end.  I've always been a big fan of Jason Segel and had yet to make my mind up about Emily Blunt.  I had trouble getting her out of my head as the bitchy and snooty girl from The Devil Wears Prada.  Well I have changed my mind and decided I do like Mrs. Blunt after all.  Lucky her.  I'm sure she has been holding her breath waiting for my approval.

The movie follows a couple after the "big question" is popped and takes you on their ride to the altar.  Plans change and the couple move across the country leading to a delay in the wedding.  And the delay continues and continues… and continues until the two finally decide what they want.

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There is a lot of raunchy and vulgar language and situations.  Awe-some!   I don't know what it is about Jason Segel but he seems to love nude scenes.  That is…when he is nude.  (Editor's note: Ew!)  You get to see him bare his butt multiple times.  Sometimes it is endearing and sometimes it is unnecessary but it is always funny.

Violet and Tom (Blunt and Segel) are a cute couple that have a lot of real-life problems that they try to figure out along the way.  They are very relatable.  However, my favorite two people in the film are Chris Pratt and Alison Brie.  Pratt plays Tom's best friend and has a Stifler-like quality to him.  He is ridiculous and absurd ladies' man.  Or at least he thinks he is.  A legend in his own mind.  Brie is Violet's emotionally insecure sister.  She is quite comedic without meaning to be.  Both Pratt and Brie are great actors that really bring a lot of laughs and eventually enlightenment to the film and the engaged couple.  I enjoyed watching them as much, if not more, than Blunt and Segel.

I feel like I need to warn you that two-thirds of the way through the film it gets a bit…weird.  It becomes a bit depressing and you do not really want to sit through it.  I don't want to spoil anything but let's just say that it starts with Segel having a full-on "Mutton Chop" beard and it is quite unattractive.  You start to really feel for Violet in the movie.  I mean, no one should have to kiss someone who looks that ridiculous.  It takes a while but the movie eventually finds its footing and the pace picks back up.

The Five-Year Engagement is a different take on the wedding film genre and adds a lot of funny absurdity and realism to the concept.  It is worth watching, just be patient and sit through until the end.


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