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"The Final Girls" Red Carpet interviews at SXSW Film Festival

Photo courtesy of Groundswell Productions

Friday night at the SXSW Film Festival's Red Carpet for "The Final Girls" I had the good fortune to interview some of the cast. "The Final Girls" is a comedic horror film about a group of friends who are transported into an 80's "slasher" horror movie.

So tell us a little about the movie. It's a horror film that doesn't quite fit the genre.

Taissa Farmiga: Yeah, it's a matchup of so many things. You throw comedy in the pot, drama; you throw emotional themes, sentimental ones, and horror as well. You have a bad guy that comes at you with a giant machete trying to kill you. You mix it all together. Todd Strauss has created a brilliant film that is just pure entertainment. It's so much fun. That's the best way to describe it: it's so fun.

Tell us a little about your part:

Taissa: I play Max, whose mother had passed away three years earlier. Max gets sucked into a movie that her mom was in. Her mom was a famous "Scream Queen." Max has to interact with her mom, and she is just trying to figure out everything. Max is trying to move on with her life and her grief, and then this happens.

Horror movies are often tough shoots, was this film fun to make?

Taissa: Man, I had a blast. I thought when I made the film; this isn't work; it's too much fun. You know, you do have those tough shoots, like shooting at 2 am while it's 40 degrees, and you are in a creek. But it was a blast shooting. So much fun.

Thank you so much!

Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

Hi, Malin! Tell us who you play in the film:

Malin Akerman: I play Taissa Farmiga's mother, who dies quite abruptly in a car crash at the beginning of the film. I used to be a "scream queen" like Jamie Lee Curtis. On the three year anniversary of my character's death, her daughter Max and some friends go see one of her movies. They get sucked into the film and meet my character in the 80's film. My character is a one-dimensional character in a bad 80's horror film. Through the course of this film, she realizes that she is mortal. There is a lot of growth of her character. It was a really fun part to play. This film so so much fun to make. It's a bad 80's horror film, so it was easy to make fun of it. We had a blast making the film.

Are you a fan of 80's horror films?

Malin: No, I am not. I think horror films are great, but I just cannot watch them. I watched Poltergeist when I was a kid, and I nearly had an accident in my pants. I wish I could because I know they are amazing, but I am just a wreck when trying to watch one.

Thank you so much.

Hey, Alexander! What made you want to be in this film:

Alexander Ludwig: I thought it was one of the most original scripts I had ever read.
Was it fun making the film because I know a lot of times horror films can be very grueling shoots?

Alexander: I was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It's more a comedy than a horror film that comes out just amazing!

Tell us about your character:

Alexander: I play Chris, who is a very sweet, kind of a shy guy who really comes into his own character by the end of the film. He is in love with Max, but she doesn't really know it. They find each other by the end of the film.


Hi, Tory! Tell us who you play in the film:

Tory M. Thompson: I play Blake, who is one of the camp couplers, so he is one of the characters that is inside the 80's film. He is really into "New Wave" music, rocks suspenders with a whole bunch of pins on it and wears some tiny short shorts. He's kind of a free spirit, kind of going where ever the wind takes him.

Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

Why did you want to be in this film?

Tony: They offered it to me. Ha ha. No, I read the script and thought it was something you just don't see now a days. The script was just amazing, and when I found out who was in the cast, I was just so excited to do it.

Why are people going to want to see this film?

Tony: Because it takes them back to the eighties. I hope that I see a lot of people going to the theater to see this film like they are going to an 80's party. It's just going to be a fun, fun thing to do.

Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

Hi, Nina. So you are doing so much these days, between social media and The Vampire Diaries. Now you have this film. Where do you get the energy?

Nina Dobrev: I sleep on planes and on any and every surface that is soft or flat. Yeah, I don't sleep a lot but hey, I'll sleep when I'm dead.

What drew you to play this character in the film?

Nina: What drew me in was I had never played this type of character. My character is kind of a rich bitch, mean girl, even though she really isn't a mean girl. She is honest but too honest, so that she comes off bitchy. She has the best intentions, but they don't always come out that way. It was fun to play. Plus, this movie is original. I had never seen this type of movie before, and I wanted to do something that I had never done before. It's a film that audiences have never seen before. I wanted to do something that was new because I am tired of all the remakes.

Thanks, Nina and much success with the film.
"The Final Girls" written by Josh Miller and Mark Fortin, and directed by Todd Strauss will be out sometime in 2015.

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