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The New NFL QB: Celebration of the Feet

Another Falcons loss... another frustrating Falcons loss.

It is obvious to me that the team is not suffering from a Super Bowl hangover, but definitely a remade identity due to the vast changes that have been made at both offensive and defensive coordinator, guard, tight end, but most importantly becoming the "hunted."  This is a new look for the team, but a great deal of pundits and prognosticators thought because this team was supremely talented in many areas that the drop off would not be as extreme.

Well at 4-4, that question remains in the balance.

I love social media.  It gives people the opportunity to express their unfiltered views of any and everything, especially sports.  Social media gives access to witness the thrill of victory and agony of defeat… trust me, as an Atlanta fan I know all too well how social media is relentless in the pursuit of people expressing how much your team collapsed.

However, there are some questions and arguments that stick out.

I personally have an ongoing battle with a few of my social media compadres about the effectiveness of quarterback Matt Ryan. While I think that Ryan has clearly shown what he is in being the leader of this franchise, a model of consistency, and one of the saviors from the doldrums of losing and controversy, there remains doubters of his ability for MANY reasons; some merited, some head scratching.

Although I am a believer in what Ryan is, the ongoing debate of what he is for the Falcons and whether or not he can take this team to championship glory is still incomplete.  Sunday, in of course battling with my social media brethren, I had an epiphany.

Are statue drop-back passers in the NFL becoming obsolete?

Now a few years ago, the zone-read quarterback was the new thing.  The influx of quarterbacks that could both run and pass was thought to be the revolution and evolution of professional football.  But when drop-back passers continued to win rings, the thought was 'uhhhhh, not so much.'

Judging from the eye test though, how many Tom Brady's are left in the NFL.  What I mean is how many straight drop-back passers with limited to no mobility win on a consistent basis?  In the NFL's constant search for the prototypical passer has the league now turned the corner where the dual-threat QB is no longer the exception to the rule?

One of the biggest indicators of the effectiveness of the dual threat QB is on third down.  There is nothing more debilitating to a defense than not getting off the field, especially with drives being extended from a QB scramble, after having everyone covered… the absolute worse!!  The influx of new talent like Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz and others that can extend a play with their legs gives these teams the ability to use all areas of the field, rest their defense, all while breaking the will of the defense they are facing.

Will I ever say that Ryan is bad for this franchise? Absolutely not. But there is something to be said for the new-age signal caller that can both pass and extend a drive with his legs.  If in a few years the mobile quarterback is the hottest commodity, call me totally unsurprised.  It is a great luxury to have.

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