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The Basketball Show, Ep. 015: Which Team Should Make a Trade Right Now?

Join Andy Bunker & Arthur Triche for Episode 15 of "The Basketball Show," four quarters of NBA and Atlanta Hawks podcast fun.

FIRST QUARTER – This week's NBA news

  • The Blake Griffin trade to Detroit – who won the trade; will top players get no-trade clauses in the contracts?
  • What kind of statement is James Harden making after a 60-point game and triple-double against Orlando?
  • We now know the All-Star rosters for Team LeBron and Team Stephen – who got the better of that draft?
  • Which team should make a trade now?
  • All 30 teams will participate in the Las Vegas Summer League (Orlando's ending their mini-SL competition, while Utah will continue to hold theirs) – all will play at least five games, and the W/L record determines the teams that continue for the championship.

SECOND QUARTER – injuries to key players involving teams in playoff contention

  • The injury to Kevin Love – how will this affect Cleveland moving forward?
  • John Wall had knee surgery, he's gone for six to eight weeks – the Wizards beat the Hawks without him, will he be missed?
  • How does Boogie Cousins' season-ending injury hurt the Pelicans, and his free agent chances?
  • How will Andre Roberson's season-ending injury impact the Thunder?

THIRD QUARTER – the latest with the Hawks

  • Dwight Howard returned Wednesday, he clearly wants to destroy the Hawks – do you understand his attitude on that?
  • Quality win vs. Minnesota, snapping a three-game losing streak
  • They travel to Boston on Friday, at Knicks on Super Bowl Sunday (12 noon) – will they focus on Sunday?

FOURTH QUARTER – random musings

  • Who are the leading MVP candidates right now – Harden, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Giannis Antetokounmpo or LBJ?
  • Who's the best rookie right now? Ben Simmons, Jayson Tatum, Kyle Kuzma or Donovan Mitchell?
  • LeBron James says there's a double-standard in loyalty between teams and players.


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