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Tampa Police Search For Person Who Killed Four-Year-Old Girl

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - An investigation continues to find the person responsible for killing a local four-year-old girl named Suni Bell.

Officials say the child was riding in a car along Hillsborough Avenue Sunday night when an unknown suspect in another vehicle shot at the car bell was in. The child was struck by a bullet and later died at the hospital.

Tampa police officers began going door to door on Thursday, passing out flyers with the four-year-old's picture on it. It says "Someone knows what happened." and police say they aren't going to stop until they find that person.

Drial Bell, grandmother of Suni Bell, says "We are begging, we're begging. It's tearing us apart. We can't sleep, we haven't eaten anything, please. If ya'll have any answers!"

A family grieving and pleading for the person who murdered four-year-old Suni Bell to turn themselves in.

Brenia Harrison, Bell's other grandmother, says "She didn't even see her life yet. She was just starting her life and she just started school."

Mary Harrison, Bell's mother, says "It's hurting me bad. I just want justice for my daughter. That's it. I just want you to turn yourself in and get it over with, that's it.

Tampa Police are looking for the person responsible for shooting into a car and killing Suni Bell on Hillsborough Avenue Sunday night.

Michael Stout with the Tampa Police Department said "This is a beautiful little girl. Homicide is never okay. My God. Parents should be thinking of their daughter's first year of school, not planning their funeral."

Four days later, 17 teams of Tampa Police spread out around the area near where the shooting happened and started knocking on doors, searching for a lead.

Officer Justin Brown is on one of those teams and says going door to door can become difficult.

"It's hard because she's just a child and she should be out playing right now or in school. It's extremely hard. Nobody wants to hear it, especially the victim's age. An innocent person."

But he and the Tampa Police Department isn't going to stop searching until the suspect is in custody.

"Children should be able to play outside and go on simple drives with their families and be safe and it's just inexcusable for this to happen," said Brown.

A reward is being offered to anyone who has information about what happened to Suni Bell. Police say if you know anything, contact Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay.

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