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Talk Show Host Ousted After Calling Blacks 'Bigots'

Well known afternoon drive-time talk  show host, Kevin Slaten, has ben let go from KFNS (590 AM) for making racial comments. During his live broadcast, he made remarks about the presidential election and that African-Americans voted for President Barack Obama because he is black. He then proceeded to say "the next time someone tells me that the black voters are not bigoted, stick it in the trash can because black voters are bigoted — 93 percent (of the black vote went) for Obama, 6 percent for (Mitt) Romney — you're bigots,'' he said on the air. "You might not be bigots in your normal life but when you vote you are bigots. ... that's how you vote." After the live broadcast, Slaten's show was canceled by the station general manager.  To hear more on the story, go to and listen to today's show.

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